I am a Brazilian art director and designer currently working as an Associate Creative Director at GUT São Paulo.

I've Been working on advertising, focused in design, for the past 10 years.

I've started my career in the design sector of the Paraná State Education Department. A southern state from Brazil where I was raised. It was a lovely place where I could learn a lot, designing school signage and study books for special needs kids of state schools.

At that time, I was really involved with music. Having my own band with my friends taught me a lot about DIY and group work. We had to design everything for it. Those gigs were made by us for us. For some reason, my heart beats in a slow pace. Maybe I left one beat or two on those moments.

Back in my hometown, São Paulo, I had my first chance at a big advertising agency. It was thought at the beginning. I believe those days made me a resilient person though. After a while, I went through some agencies, met incredible people and created works that I'm really proud of. Even those which were not awarded in any place. I believe we put a little of us, at the moment we are, in everything we do.

I’m deeply passionate and curious about typography. So much so, that I hold a side hustle where I explore and experiment this universe. You can check it out on my Instagram, where I keep uploading most of my studies and other things that doesn't make it to this portfolio.

Feel free to drop me a line.

+55 (011) 9 6082-7281

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GUT SP/ 2021 - 
Africa DDB (Freelancer)/ 2020-20
Grey Brazil/
CPB+/ 2016-18
WMcCann/ 2013-16
Dentsu/ 2012-13

Awards and Recognition

Clio Sports 2021. Bronze - Stadium Food Delivery (Design/Packaging)
Clio 2018. Bronze - Yoki Bonfire (Film Technique)
D&AD 2021. Shortlist - Stadium Food Delivery (E-Commerce/Cultural Experience)
El Ojo 2020. Grand Prix - Stadium Food Delivery (Institutional Campaign)
El Ojo 2020. Gold - Stadium Food Delivery (Digital/E-commerce)
El Ojo 2020. Silver - Stadium Food Delivery (Content/Activation)
NY Festivals 2018. Bronze - Yoki Bonfire (Film Technique)
CCSP (Brazilian Creative Club) 2021. Bronze Star - Devassa Tropical MIX
CCSP (Brazilian Creative Club) 2021. In-Book - Fonte:Exame (Design)
CCSP (Brazilian Creative Club) 2021. In-Book - Fonte:Exame (Photography)
CCSP (Brazilian Creative Club) 2018. Silver Star - Yoki Bonfire
CCSP (Brazilian Creative Club) 2018. In-Book - Cîroc Playlist Bottles
CCSP (Brazilian Creative Club) 2017. In-Book - Coach Tweet Tag
Cannes 2018. Shortlist - Yoki Bonfire (Film Craft)
Young Lions Health 2019. Shortlist
Young Lions Brazil 2017. Shortlist